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Animals in the Far Future, and How to Help Them

Article Summary Around 74 billion land animals are killed by humans for food each year, and another 1 to 3 trillion fish are killed each year. In total, we could say there are somewhere around 1 trillion animals killed by humans each year for food.Although that’s a...

I Asked Activists What They Need—Part 1

I wanted to know what people in our movement need. So I asked them. This post is as simple as that. Specifically, I asked them to answer these three questions about their animal activism: What do you need?What are your problems?What are your opportunities? This wasn't...

Book Summary—The Effective Executive, by Peter Drucker

Let’s talk about effectiveness. But first, let’s talk about Peter Drucker. Peter Drucker died in 2005, a man who authored 39 books over his 95-year life. He’s been called the founder of modern management, and his name will inevitably come up anytime talk of business...

The Misinterpreted Parable of Horses and Cars in New York City

There is a parable floating around the animal rights movement. It goes something like this. ... Parable of Horses and Cars Horses used to be the main form of transportation in the United States. Of course, horses don’t want to be ridden—they’re “broken” to be...

How to Overcome Six Types of Isolation in Animal Activism

It’s important to talk about negative emotions. We all feel them at one point or another: sadness, anger, disappointment, frustration, loneliness. Sometimes they’re small feelings that we can easily manage. Sometimes they’re bigger feelings that hang around for days,...

How to Solve Problems and Understand Things Using a Space Analysis

First of all, the title “Space Analysis” sounds really epic, doesn’t it? Like we're going to be cosmologists or meta-astronauts analyzing outer space. We're not going to be doing that. But, what we will be doing is equally cool—and definitely more useful for you. What...

Learn From Others

As activists, we tend to want to solve things. Sometimes, we take this a little too far and think “I must solve everything myself.” This is true of programmers, compassion workers, and other kinds of “fixers” as well. If there’s a problem, we often think “

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