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I'm really glad you're here—let me tell you a little more about Animal Movement Project.

What We Do

Weekly articles on movement building. More to come.

We’re currently focused on publishing articles on important topics for creating a more effective movement. We have other projects in the works, and will be releasing more information about those in the coming months!

Vision & Mission

Our vision is a world without animal exploitation. Our mission is to help build the movement.

Humanity has come a long way.

From the acknowledgment of fundamental human rights for all people to the various movements for equality we’re seeing today, brave people throughout history have helped us expand our moral circle to include more and more individuals who have been left out of consideration.

That work continues today—for humans and all of the other animals.

If you found AMP, you’re probably part of the movement to expand our moral circle to include nonhuman animals—animals like the chickens, pigs, and fish killed for food; animals like the dogs and rats who are experimented on; animals like the foxes who are killed for fur.

It’s one of the most valiant, most ambitious, and most important challenges ever taken up by humanity. But we will succeed.

Vision & Mission

Vision: Our vision is a world without animal exploitation. A world where animals are treated according to their interests, and not ours.

Mission: Our mission is to help build the movement. This means bringing pieces of the movement together to make them stronger. It means helping to find and fill the gaps. It means building tools and resources to help us do our work better. It means making sure that everyone who wants to help animals is helping as much as they can in the areas they’re best at.

AMP Crash Course

The best way to get to know AMP is to read some of our articles, and then to reach out and talk with us about how you can get involved.

Start with these pieces—and then get in touch!

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AMP Values

These are some of the pieces of how we operate.

People First

A movement is made up of people, and people are at the root of everything we do. (Even technology.) We’re always bringing things back to the people. How can we help others? Who can we connect to, or how can we connect people to others? Who can I meet this week? Who can I deepen my relationship with? Who can help me? Who can I help? We always remember that nonhuman animals make up part of this “who”—after all, they’re the reason we’re working on this in the first place.

Seek the Truth

Knowledge is powerful—seek it out. Test your assumptions. Run experiments. Ask others. Read books. Come up with theories. Dig into the details. Embody the scientific method. Ask why.

Technology is Power

Technology = tools. Humans build tools to help us do more things, better things. Tools help us do things faster, in more places. Tools help us go places, understand things, build things. Technology can be digital, it can be industrial, it can be social. We use or invent technology to help us accomplish our goals.

Be Level 5

From the book Good to Great by Jim Collins. Be a “Level 5 Leader”—a combination of sincere personal humanity and intense professional will. Do anything it takes to be successful; but for the animals’ sake, not for your glory. Share credit, and accept blame.

Confront the Facts, Retain the Faith

From Good to Great by Jim Collins, named the Stockdale Paradox after Jim Stockdale. Retain faith that you will prevail in the end, regardless of the difficulties—and at the same time, confront the most brutal facts of your current reality, whatever they might be.

“I feel, like many do, that this is my life’s work—and I won’t stop until we reach the finish line. Next year, we will keep working. The year after that, we will keep working. And we will keep making progress, and we will keep pushing humanity forward, and we will keep creating a better world for all. And though some people will leave the movement, many more will stay—and many more will join. And year by year, day after day, we will accomplish this.”

Inspiration for 2019

Who We Are

The Team

Small but growing. If you want to get involved, we want you to be here.

Steven Rouk

Steven Rouk

Founder / Writer

Megan Kellums

Megan Kellums

Editor / Social Media


Frequently Asked Questions

Are you affiliated with any other organizations?

Not officially, no, although Steven does work full-time for Mercy For Animals as a data analyst and researcher. We want AMP to stay independent so that we’re free to work with anyone on anything that we think is important for the movement: from grassroots groups, to plant-based companies, to professional organizations, to individuals who want to make an impact.

What opportunities are there to get involved?

Currently we’re looking for people to do online research, data collection and analysis, machine learning, writing, digital marketing, app development, and operations. But there are a lot of other ways you can get involved, too! Just contact us and we can talk more about what your strengths and interests are.

What else does AMP do other than publish articles?

We’re currently working on data analysis, resource creation, and digital product development, and there are plans for developing audio and video content this year. We’re also planning on holding webinars and “digital conferences” in the future, and creating communities of activists who can collaborate on projects. Fundamentally, we’re going to continue exploring the question of how to connect people and fill in the gaps in the movement.

Help More Animals

Our mission is to build the movement for animals. That’s all we’ll ever send you.